Vacation In Spain

Well known for its glory of Sun, rich monumental heritage, picturesque natural beauty, excellent and rich cuisine, and a heartwarming welcome, the city of Spain is a big one when compared with other European states and would require a lot of your time to cover it entirely. So, you can easily choose from one of the most popular destinations and travel its entire length and breadth in one go. You can choose to visit Valencia in the East Spain to Catalonia in the north-east, to Andalusia in its southern coast or Madrid, the capital of Spain.

Be it Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla, Bilbao, Córdoba, or Granada, all these Spanish cities are perfect examples of places where modernity perfectly gels with tradition. So where would you like to start your vacation to Spain from?

Well, if you enjoy the hustle and bustle of a city full of life providing tremendous exciting opportunities, Banidorm is the perfect place for you. In this city full of lively resorts and greatly influenced by Dutch and English culture, you can enjoy great British food in the street side pubs along with free cabarets right from late night hours to early morning. What’s more the hotels and resorts throughout the town are not only comfortable but the best in Spain too providing you a number of exciting options to choose from, right from a seaside facing relaxing suite to a classy resort.

Similarly, if you want to be at a quieter destination that makes the entire aura around you much more tranquil, Torremolinos will be more suitable for you. The oldest town in Spain that boasts of a number of resorts, the place caters to both the older as well as the newer generation. This resort city is full of Mediterranean style three to four star resorts. Covered with beautiful and artistically designed private balconies that overlook the quiet sea or a vacation near the beach, it is the perfect place to enjoy your vacation in.

However, if you want to spend your vacation in the real glory of Spanish Mediterranean full of luxury, the Marbella is your perfect dream destination. The city located centrally with its rich culture makes it a well toured destination for wealthy and affluent tourists. The resorts in the city provide you excellent shopping and dining experience, plenty of golf courses, and lot of calm beaches where you can enjoy both sand and sun make it a place for your perfect vacation.

Want to experience the real Mediterranean coastal kind of lifestyle! Well, the villages of Sitages located along the sea are best fit for you. The villages have a collection of a number of picture-perfect beaches, a collection of lovely museums, and active nightlife, it is a famous tourist destination, especially in summer.

Finally if you are looking for a perfect and most exciting activity filled vacation in Spain, Torrevieja is the place for you to be in. Located on the beautiful and popular Costa Blanca, the city offers an exciting nightlife, sun-soaked beaches, a large number of recreational opportunities, and a rich culture and heritage and is a must visit place for everyone.