Must-Visit Cities in Iraq – Baghdad, Kirkuk & Mosul

Iraq is such a culturally diverse country. Founded back in ancient times, Iraq had a thriving civilization around biblical times. Many people believe that the country was founded several hundred years before the bible began. Several cities hold great sights that you would be awestruck to see in person.

Baghdad is one of the most important cities to visit in Iraq. It is the key gem of the Iraqi society. Not only will you be able to enjoy the immense opportunities open to the Iraqi people, but you will be able to see how the country is recovering from a period of repression and tyranny under Saddam Hussein.

Kirkuk is another large city in Iraq. It has a large air base, as well as base of operations for the United States military. Kirkuk is also a large cultural center, based in history. Nearly one and a half million people live in or near Kirkuk, making it one of the five largest cities throughout Iraq. Kirkuk does not have much as far as higher education, however, plans are being made to open colleges and universities very soon.

Mosul is a city that is growing extremely quickly in Iraq. It is home to one of the most prestigious research centers in the middle east, the University of Mosul. Currently, Mosul is ranked the second large city based on population, right after Baghdad. The people who live in Mosul have an interesting ethnic blend, which will make them very interesting to meet if you visit Mosul. The Tigris river also meanders through Mosul providing some fun for locals and visitors who want to relax from the hot desert heat.

Wherever your journey through Iraq may take you, make sure to take in as much of it as you can. Iraq is such a historical place. Not only are there people who will allow you to breathe in the local history, but there are people who will do nearly anything for you. Enjoy the rich culture scenes of Baghdad, Kirkuk and Mosul. Do not forget to visit the University of Mosul to see what great research is being doing, in the heart of Iraq!