Honesty In Your Writing

A certain thing about related work is when you are writing this bit at the end right the the the section towards the end here you won’t you’re then trying to compare your work with other people’s right now a common fallacies seldom articulated explicitly is this in order to make my work look good I have to make other people’s work look bad right to say well in this completely crappy work by yeah Fred and blade they did this staff and it was really no good and ours is better on every dimension right so there’s a kind of human instinct that makes you think in order to show how wonderful my stuff is I have to somehow downplay not as crudely as that but somehow downplay other people’s work right. Learn why honesty is so important in research paper at Edusson.

But happily the truth is that it’s not like that at all credit is like love credit is a commodity that is infinitely divisible if I have 10 pounds and I give you 5 pounds how much do I have left 5 pounds if I have love and I give you love how much love do I have left oh as much as I ever had and maybe more right so there you are uncredited just like this you can say very nice things about other people’s stuff obviously not don’t be Cinco fan take right don’t praise them because you think they’re going to be your reviewers and you must be nice to them place them because they are good right so if you read a paper that you did find inspiring make a moment in your paper to say it was an inspiring paper why not right that will encourage other people to read the same paper which is a good thing why it makes more goodness in the world it will make the author’s feel good about did you give credit where credit is due everything is good about this okay.

So one just be very generous to other people and believe me this will not make your work seem worse right so of course there are going to be use some work ways in which you’re going to say but we improve on their results in the following way that’s fine because you’ve been you’ve been generous to them and then you said but but in this dimension at least were a little bit better well maybe way better who knows you just give the numbers another thing that’s really important is if there are weaknesses in your approach like if you’re better on dimension x but were some dimension Y if you only mention X you are inviting your cruel reviewers to point out that on dimension Y you’re really not as good it’s way better if you point that out it’s quite disarming for your viewers Oh already you know they think you hahaha but it’s not so good there then they said oh but we’re not so good here I got Y so B it’s not it’s not just honest.