Checklist For The Essay

When you with your friends down the street she say you think before you do something actually she wants you to think about how it’s gonna feel when your dad to get ahold of you behind if you do something you’re supposed to do yes okay all right here we go yes these are the reasons you should think before you write yes well we already know that why waste time right ok here we go riding body paragraphs takes more planning I think then on time then the introduction I know you might disagree because of the long time you spent writing thesis but actually it does take longer yes well before you write a body paragraph you need to make sure here’s your checklist here is your checklist and this checklist is not for you. Find out how to check out your essay before submitting at Edusson.

After you finish writing essay this checklist is for after you write your outline so let’s look at this yes you don’t want to write it you don’t want to write it down and want to write it down I’m not saying that you can’t you don’t have one of photographic memories I mean there’s some people use looking something one time and that’s it well why are you here that’s it you should already be in University okay yes make sure that you have adequate and specific examples make sure if you’re writing you know a short story using stuff from your head make sure you illustrate your thinking and of course a well-organized paragraph making sure that your ideas are in the right order now this is what you do this is what you do when you check in your outline you remember the outline the boxes that’s supposed to represent paragraphs you should use this checklists to go through those boxes this checklists those boxes yes before you start writing if didn’t pass the checklists yeah well you need to make some adjustments yes checklists for the boxes check this box okay all right well now it’s time the now it’s time it’s time what does that say format of a good paragraph.

The only format I will accept so that here it is this is the format for the body paragraph which should include eight to ten sentences and be of about 100 words when you write you know compound and complex sentences like we did first quarter you should out of eight to ten sentences get about 100 words oh this is it I’m not accepting anything else that’s it eight to ten sentences period that want to see some periods eight to send eight to ten sentences well does anyone remember the types of paragraphs wait wait before you make a move because I want to give you time whoo look at that look at that look at that we know something like that 10 seconds if you can tell me what type of paragraph this is I get 50 points 8762 how they do it on Jeopardy fan and that are they doing a different when you’re out of time ago man.